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A simple notepad for simple tasks. THIS IS FOR OLDER VERSIONS.


List View
Items with a red, yellow, and green oval icon are checklists. Each color indicates completion rate: red < 40%, yellow < 80%, green = 80+%.
Note & Checklist Editor
Editor Menu Items
"Open QR Code Reader" shows up only when Barcode Reader from ZXing Team is installed.
The same menu items are also available via long press in the list view. "Move to Folder" is available in the long-press context menu only.
Password Protection
Provides AES 128-bit Encryption.
*checklist items will not be encrypted.
Title Color Chooser
Sticky reminder doesn't go away untill "Unset Reminder" is manually pressed.
Attach Picture
You can attach pictures to notes/checklists. Tap to open in the image viewer of your choice. Long-press to open the context menu (Delete and Share).
"Delete" does not delete actual image files. To delete image files physically, use "Purge Image Files" in Settings/Tools (purging does not delete images in Gallery).
Makes all links, phone numbers, email addresses in the note clickable. Click to open the link in the default application.
Send/Receive Notes to/from Other Applications
Send to Simple Notepad itself to copy the note.
Exported notes (.txt files) can be bulk-uploaded/attached to Dropbox, Evernote, Gmail, etc...
Search & Sort
  • Search & Sort: Menu > Search or press the search button.
  • Text Filter: Just begin typing. Long press the menu button to open the soft keyboard.
*Text filtering is case insensitive.
*long-press on a folder to delete/rename it.
Sticky Note Widget & Shortcut
IMPORTANT: Moving to the SD card disables widgets!
How to create a sticky note:
  1. Long press on the home screen.
  2. Select "Widget".
  3. Scroll down to "Simple Notepad".
  4. Select a widget size.
  5. Select a note to pin to the home screen.
  6. Select a widget color.
How to create a shortcut:
  1. Open a note/checklist.
  2. Menu > Create Shortcut
  3. Enter a shortcut name.
  4. Tap the icon if you want to use a different icon.
  5. Select Open Camera, Open Gallery, or Open Icon Folder.
  6. Check/uncheck "Round corners" and "Add frame".
  7. Press "OK".
*Shortcuts will be created somewhere on the home screen.
Settings & Tools
Export to SD Card: encrypted notes will not be exported.

Import Checklist: if the importing text file starts with "[x]" where x can be any character, it is imported as a checklist.
File encoding can be set when you import text files encoded in other than UTF-8. It defaults back to UTF-8 when you exit Settings/Tools.
Blend the current (static) wallpaper into the background. Brightness can be adjusted.
*For DIY users only 1. Other images can be set as the background. Create a directory named "background" in the directory specified in the export location option (default="simplenotepad") and place .png/.jpg images (< 100KB) in there. When Simple Notepad starts, it randomly picks up an image and sets it as the background. The background image is auto-scaled to the display size. Using the following naming format, you can override the current brightness setting and add color tint to the image: !#AARRGGBB.png/.jpg. Ex. !#99000000myimage.png.
*For DIY users only 2. TrueType fonts - create a directory and name it "fonts". Place .ttf font file there. Go to Settings/Tools > Note Settings > Font Type.


Open source code used in Simple Notepad:

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